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Helping You Navigate Through Medicare Cost Reports

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The Medicare cost reports are a series of forms that acquire descriptive, financial, and statistical data to determine if Medicare overpaid or underpaid the provider and collect information for use in setting prospective payment rates. Usually, the Medicare Cost Reports happen outside of the care delivery. This must be submitted by institutional healthcare providers annually.
In this blog, we give you an introduction on how to file a Medicare Cost Report by a CPA in Michigan.
How to File Medicare Cost Reports
Cost reports are required to be submitted electronically through the Medicare Cost Reporting eFiling (MCReF) portal. Requirements that need to be submitted include ECR files and signed signature sheets. You also need to submit supporting fiscal documentation. You can ask a CPA Firm in Michigan to help you in filing your Medicare cost report.
What Cost Report Forms Should Each Healthcare Facility Fill Out?

  • Form 1728-20 – Home Health Agency
  • Form 2540-10 – Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Form 287-05 – Home Office
  • Form 1984-14 – Hospice Facility
  • Form 222-17 – RHC
  • Form 224-14 – FQHC
  • Form 2552-10 – Hospitals

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