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Maximize Your Business Growth with Our Year-End Offerings!

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With the year coming to a close, it is a good time to assess where you are right now in terms of your taxes and accounting needs.

Take advantage of our year-end offerings. We provide 10% off our tax and certified public accountant services so you can have more freedom to explore your needs as a business.

Take a look at how our services at MET Certified Public Accountant can help you.

  • Tax Planning and Preparation
    Preparing is the key to reducing your tax liability. Our CPA tax preparation in Troy, Michigan analyzes your current tax and financial situation and aligns it with your goals in a well-crafted tax plan.
  • IRS/State Taxes Resolution
    It’s not the most ideal way to end the year, but the good news is w have your back. We will vigorously work to protect your interests and assets as the tax laws allow.
  • CFO Services
    Take this time to re-align your vision for your business. We offer customized business coaching and one-on-one guidance to help grow your business and increase net worth.
  • Medicare Cost Reporting
    As experts in Medicare Cost Report CPA Michigan preparation, you can count on our CPA firm in Michigan to make sure that you have a clear view of how you compare to national and state benchmarks.
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
    You don’t have to end your year stressing out over your accounting process. We can set up, routinely update, close, wrap up your accounting cycle from the accounting software of your choice, and provide accurate regular or monthly financial statements.

Visit metcpa.net/cpa-firm-check-our-year-end-offer/ for the specifics of our year-end offerings.

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