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What Should Be in Your Medicare Cost Report

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What Should Be in Your Medicare Cost Report

Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health care agencies, and other healthcare providers need to submit Medicare Cost Reports annually to get their Medicare reimbursements. These providers often hire certified public accountant services to prepare these reports.
This is because these reports are inputted in a strictly monitored Medicare cost report software. Inaccuracies in the data or delays in the filing can cause the withholding of your Medicare reimbursement. Hiring a CPA firm in Michigan can help make sure that there are no inaccuracies, errors, and inconsistencies in your Medicare cost report.
Your Medicare cost report form measures different values depending on your facility. Here are some examples:

  • Home health agency – indicates the cost per visit to the facility for each of the services such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, etc.
  • Skilled nursing facility – cost per patient day to the facility
  • Hospice – cost per level of care for each of the services such as continuous home care, routine home care, etc.

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Other than Medicare cost reporting, we also provide other CPA services such as accounting, IRS or state taxes resolution, and CPA tax preparation in Troy, Michigan.

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