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Things to Prepare Before Filing Your Taxes

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Things to Prepare Before Filing Your Taxes

Whether you are filing your tax returns by yourself or hiring certified public accountant services to do it for you, there are certain information and documentation you would need to file. Having a checklist of these items helps you have a smoother experience.
As a provider of CPA tax preparation in Troy, Michigan here is a checklist of items we need for filing tax returns:

  • Personal Information
    These include social security numbers for you, your spouse, and dependents. It’s also a great idea to have last year’s tax returns if applicable. This acts as good refreshers for what files you used for the previous year.
  • Income
    These confirm the money you received during the year. Prepare your W-2 form from your employer and 1099 forms for payments received.
  • Deductions
    This helps reduce your taxable income. These include retirement account contributions, educational expenses, medical bills, property taxes, charitable donations, and state and local taxes.
  • Credits
    These can provide dollar-for-dollar cuts in any tax you owe. These include American opportunity and lifetime learning credits, child tax credit, and retirement savings contributions credit.
  • Payments
    Income taxes are often withheld from our paychecks to cover our tax liabilities. The amount is indicated in the W-2 forms. If you made federal estimated tax payments during the year, these can come in handy too.

Do you need help in fulfilling this checklist? You may benefit from visiting a CPA firm in Michigan. Come on over to M E T Certified Public Accountant. We can help you with tax preparations and tax problems.
We provide various services such as tax planning and preparation, IRS/State tax resolution, CFO services, and Medicare cost report CPA Michigan.

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