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Common Types of Tax Problems and Solving Them

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Despite filing and paying your taxes on time each year, it is inevitable for you to experience an issue from being compliant with the IRS at some point. The smallest tax-paying error can have long-lasting ramifications on your finances. This is why people often hire certified public accountant services to professionally do this work for them.

As a CPA firm in Michigan here are some of the common problems our clients encounter:

  • Unfiled taxes
    The most common problem is not filing your taxes on time. We help these clients file their late returns as quickly as possible to prevent serious charges and heavy fines.
  • Inability to pay
    Some people don’t file their taxes as they know they cannot pay what they owe. We help these clients out with payment options from the IRS to help with these tax debts.
  • Penalties and interest
    For these clients, we work to make them qualified for the penalty abatement from the IRS.
  • Garnishments and levies
    We help these clients file for a lien/levy or garnishment release.

Are you in need of CPA tax preparation in Troy, Michigan? Come on over at M E T Certified Public Accountant. We offer a wider range of services compared to traditional accounting and tax firms.

We provide various services such as tax planning and preparation, IRS/State tax resolution, CFO services, and Medicare cost report CPA Michigan.

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